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Dear freaks!

What’s better than a surprise release to end the year in beauty ?
Crepuscular Encounter, the second EP of Krapul under the Funky Freaks wing is out today!  
His fascination for Aboriginal tribes and his love for Nature can be felt in his particularly organic and tribal signature sound, as a hymn to life!
Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and immerse yourself deep into the delirium fauna and flora!

Enjoy the ride and stay freaky!

01 Krapul - Aboriginal Knowledge
                                                      • 02 Krapul - Araceae Dialogue
                                                      • 03 Krapul - Crepuscular Encounter
                                                      • 04 Metaphyz & Krapul - Mad Fauna Orchestra
                                                      • 05 Krapul - Anthem of the Tribe

                                                       •• Artwork : Beubeu (painting) - Bat (montage)
                                                       •• Mastering : Ankur @ Seres Studio 
                                                       •• Release Date : 13/12/2023
                                                       •• Format: Digital Download
                                                       •• Catalogue N° : FFREP05

  • Bandcamp - Cercle blanc
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