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Funky Freaks Records is a French Psychedelic Trance music label created in 2013.
This is the consecration of a group of friends who share the same desire, to contribute to the underground psytrance scene by bringing its stone to the building, and adding a pinch of funkydelic to it.
So welcome to our take on reality, welcome to the Theater of Freaks!
Our sound is an invitation to re-experience your senses in a more subtle and profound way.
The goal is to set you on exploration of your inner senses through a new prism, enabling you to get in touch with the deep corners of yourself.
Our philosophy is to keep experimenting with sounds to stimulate your brains and bodies, to bring out the beast in you, pushing the limits of your mind, and wandering through the vast and mystical inner universes of our collectiv consciousness.
Enjoy the ride and stay freaky !

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