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Dear freaks!

We are delighted to announce the release of Anomalies Animals vol.3 !

Anomalies Animals take you to an exotic environment where anomalies belong and animals are revered.
Every single life form here mutates and transits accordingly with your perception, mood, and energy!
Its biodiversity can be malleable, you'll find some tech creatures and organic ones as well, but every life form perceived here will be morphed into a new shape once it is noticed, giving you an anomaly experience to dive into!

Enjoy the ride and stay freaky!

01 Fafazz - Sexual Kung Fu
                                                      • 02 Tool Assisted Monkeys - Alien Stridulations
                                                      • 03 Argaleth - Crazy Joe's Infamous Trip
                                                      • 04 Akkma - The Awakning Of Selene (rmx)
                                                      • 05 Komeotry - Schizura Leptinoides 
                                                      • 06 Shiibashunsuke - Mnemonic      

                                                       •• Artwork : Samson Guevel & Fluffish
                                                       •• Mastering : Ankur @ Seres Studio - Track 04 by Storm Mastering
                                                       •• Release Date : 29/03/2023
                                                       •• Format: Digital Download
                                                       •• Catalogue N° : FFRVA07

  • Bandcamp - Cercle blanc
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