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        AKKMA         NEMETON-EP

Dear freaks,


It's an honor to announce the release of the Akkma's EP : Nemeton !

After a long and meticulous work, Akkma dive us into the universe of nemetons, at the time when the Celts practiced their cult under the direction of the druids.
Around the Nemeton the forest abounds, its inhabitants weave their way, discreet but present, while others have been rooted here for decades, majestic and powerful. Rituals are practiced there to celebrate the greatness of nature, the strength of the spirits and the elements.
This sanctuary reminds us of the deep connection we must maintain with this original essence. 
Akkma wish you a beautiful journey through the confines of the forest to meet the beings that compose it.
Enjoy the ride and stay freaky!

01 Akkma - Shadow Temple
                                                      • 02 Akkma - The World Tree
                                                      • 03 Akkma - Frog's Journey
                                                      • 04 Akkma - Walking Through The Door (Bubbleguns)
                                                      • 05 Akkma - Nemeton  

                                                      •• Artwork : Ephem'R
                                                      •• Mastering : Storm Mastering
                                                      •• Release Date : 06/01/2023
                                                      •• Format: Digital Download
                                                      •• Catalogue N° : FFREP05

  • Bandcamp - Cercle blanc
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