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Dear freaks,
This new podcast is coming from our delightful German based Dj Azrael, longtime collector and fine connoisseur of psychedelic music. He is known to deliver delicately crafted sets for your ears pleasure ; this time, he'll take you for a small trip round the world starting with an abstract and colorful Japanese touch, you will be on for one hour of captivating moments of music. 
Enjoy the ride and stay freaky!


Tracklist :
-Savage Scream - Flux
- Flipknot - Womb of parvati (Jangaramongara Rmx)
- Kerlivin & Jangaramongara - Moving Shadow
- Sinapse & Fungoloyds - Klintaro
- Nightbirds - Mystical Birds in the night Sky
- Third Eye Of Monkey - Eye of Sahara
- Akkma - Frogs Journey
-Argaleth & Fafazz - Anicca
- Egons Embrace & Archaic - Smiling with the mouth of the ocean
- Tengri - Shaman Landscape

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