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Azrael is the alter-ego of Felix Gerdts from Berlin. 
His first contact with the psychedelic movement happened in 2012 at small parties around his hometown Freiburg, black forest where he discovered the world of the night psychedelic soundscapes and immediately fell in love with them.

Early on he had the feeling that "just" listening would not be enough, he had to get behind the decks and so he found his passion for mixing deep sounds to create new, unknown stories of his favourite artists and labels.
In 2014 he played his first small gig under the name Azrael and the project was born....

Over the following years he gained more and more experience, visited many European festivals and connected to people all around. 

Nowadays he is playing for Quadrivium Records, Funky Freaks Records and Banyan Records as a Label DJ and is part of the legendary Gaggalacka Festival crew.

As he is constantly searching for new ways to express himself with music, his sets are characterized through organic and atmospheric stories with a generous deeply groove and range from 147 to 155 bpm, composing sets that makes you feel like the woods are whispering to you.

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