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Being addicted to widespread genras of music and sounds since chillhood, but screwed by few years of academic musical school, I finally found my way back to music by getting in contact with DAWs around 2006-2008
After some years of tripping around with synthetizer and music softwares between 2008 and 2012, it finally gave birth to the Argaleth virtual alterego whitch gave me the possibility to go beyond speech, where shapes, concepts and ideas can be encoded into sounds and rythms.
Inspired and directed by life, emotions, peoples and more generally by this whole E.Art]-[ we’re all wandering on, I tend to focus on flowy kickbasses, drifting leads and deep textures & atmospheres while still keeping a taste for storytelling.
hope you’ll enjoy your ride!
Peace Love Unity & Respect to all to all the blissful souls around!
Straigh edgely yours, Ady Argaleth.

  • SoundCloud - Cercle blanc
  • Bandcamp - Cercle blanc
  • Facebook - White Circle
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