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Akkma is the psytrance project of Maxime created in 2011.
After having participating in many techno events he is very quickly attracted by psytrance. Enchanted by the magic of this music, he decides to experiment and compose his own tracks.
His compositions are a  mixture of dark atmospheres, strange soundscapes and organic textures  that allow him to get closer to his vision of psychedelic trance. Maxime likes to take inspiration from the atmospheres and sounds of nature.  For him, music brings to a form of spirituality, allows to arouse emotions, to connect to nature and that's what he tries to share through his compositions.
In 2014, he joined the Funky Freaks Records label with a band of friends and participated in several compilations.

  • Bandcamp - Cercle blanc
  • SoundCloud - Cercle blanc
  • Facebook - White Circle
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