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Komeotry is the creation of Danilo Souza, an electronic music lover who got amazed by the psychedelic trance music, since his first experiences back in 2012. After years of studying and searching for personal answers, he understood that psychedelic music would be the perfect bridge for his need to express his true nature. The project was created back in the days when he was living in France, where he had some of his mystical and profound experiences inevitably leading him to create the Komeotry project. This project is a blend between nature and technology, where the listener has the opportunity to get into some mystery places, being able to meet some creatures, unknown feelings, different kinds of textures, environments full of geometric shapes, and things that your mind need yet to discover and explore by itself.

  • SoundCloud - Cercle blanc
  • Bandcamp - Cercle blanc
  • Blanc Icône Instagram
  • Facebook - White Circle
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