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Suddenly discovering another facet of his constantly changing personality, a huge passion for a sound different from the scando sound familiar to his ears, a forest creature named Vaska began to determine its source, and as a result wandered into the Funky Freaks Forest at the peak of the autumn mushroom harvest.

DJ Vaska, also known as Vasyl Sagaidak, began his journey into the world of psychedelic musical metamorphoses in 2001. This acquaintance started his passion for computers, synthesizers, and music sound design. A few years later there were the first performances as a DJ, and then the first releases. In 2008, Vasyl founded his own label named “Treetrolla Records”, which he still manages to this day. He has also released a small number of his own tracks over the years under various aliases. Certain research into sound and its influence on consciousness is still ongoing in his “Skogarna” and “Lookomoria” projects.

We are happy to announce that since the fall of 2023, Vaska proudly representing Funky Freaks Records as a label DJ.

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